MoneyFunGames and why we want to do games about money

Niklas and me met two years ago via Twitter. I contacted Niklas during the time I was publishing’s graphic novel “Bitcoin: The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” and Niklas had just released his first game “Digging Deep: Tap the blocks”. It was also around this time when he discovered cryptocurrencies. You can see our first ever Twitter exchange below back in September 2014.

Since then we kept in touch building upon an idea of creating a mobile game about money. We were hoping to follow the same path as with the Bitcoin graphic novel, to educate people about money in a fun, accessible and addictive way. We wanted to raise awareness of money functions and how it came into existence since we believe that it is the single most powerful incentive besides love.

Initially we started shooting for the stars hoping to create an incredibly resource intensive game, however, we realised that we were lacking the manpower, time as well as cash to do something of that scope. After reading the article about the creators of Angry Birds and learning that it took them 52 attempts to create a really great and addictive game, we decided to take it easy an instead put the emphasis on learning and enjoying the process of creating games about money in general.

After brainstorming for a couple of months we agreed that our first game would involve Cryptocurrencies and we felt that a coin pusher style game would fit perfectly. We are hoping that this game will generate more interest and raise awareness of this new and exciting form of money.

Many hours of work, cooperation and even more brainstorming resulted in the Cryptocoin Drop, hopefully, our first game of many. Give Cryptocoin Drop a try, rate us and please give us feedback.